About Us

Why You Should Trust Us?

When choosing the right antivirus to purchase, one of the most critical aspects of this research is that you ought to trust. With numerous fly-by scams and fake review websites, it’s difficult to discover a trustworthy source, an authentic guide to picking the suitable protection for your digital life. The sad truth is that nearly all teams behind antivirus recommendation websites haven’t actually installed or analyzed a number of those products they recommend. Why should you choose an antivirus beginning from the top 10 software list compiled by a marketing team?

Keeping true to our first objective of being the most trusted and respectable buying guide for antivirus software, we wanted to do things differently from the beginning. As opposed to compiling a quick top 10 lists featuring the top paying antivirus affiliate programs, we started by exploring the market and identifying the most reputable antivirus solution providers. We opted to include only established brands with an exceptional history and industry-wide recognition. After buying the premium package from each brand, we started exploring online and benchmarking every product within our office using a proprietary grading system (more about this on our site).

But who are we?

We are a group of experts in software testing and reviewing with a combined experience of over 30 years. Our intent is to deliver a new approach to antivirus software recommendation, based on integrity, trust, and transparency.